Chick-fil-A Canton MBA Leader Development Program

About the program

Our MBA Leader Development Program is a paid development program that will immerse you into Chick-fil-A and partner in covering costs of your MBA degree from Reinhardt University. You will enhance your skill set, be challenged with rigorous work, grow your network, and drive meaningful change in our business. The Chick-fil-A Canton MBA Leader Development Program helps participants learn the skills and values needed to successfully navigate the modern workplace.

Outside of working in our restaurants, you will participate in Chick-fil-A Support Center visits and trainings, an annual off-site planning retreat, community events, excellence trips, and leadership conferences. You will receive one-on-one coaching from various different members of the Chick-fil-A Canton Executive Team. We recognize that we are created original and we are at our best when we serve others.

Our Purpose

We are seeking to raise up leaders that build on our mission, to Create Moments of Kindness. We have no greater goal than to glorify God by how we serve others. We believe when you learn to lead an organization with this as a priority then results can be extraordinary.

This program is self-driven (just like we are). In fact, we believe you won’t find a program quite like this one anywhere else.

Growth and Development

We have found that when we lead with a spirit of intentional kindness with our team, guests, and community it helps us reach our greatest heights. Bringing kindness into our company’s purpose allows us to be stewards of all God has entrusted us with. Chick-fil-A Canton MBA Leaders are placed in one of the 3 Canton locations. At each location MBA Leaders will be challenged and have a chance to dive into a high performance leadership team while experiencing growth and development focused in each of the following areas:

Talent Selection: As an organization we spend a greater amount of time in selection than any other team. With a priority on increasing applicants, but keeping our selection decision standards high, this team commits to a 3 step interview process. You will gain experience and growth in our selection process by performing phone interviews and face-to-face interviews. This team will give the MBA Leader an opportunity to represent Chick-fil-A Canton at job fairs and events, and with school career services and work-based learning programs.

Training & Development: With a world class training program, this team takes over once an applicant is selected. The training team is focused on the experience of every new hire. The MBA Leader is involved with leading an intentional and welcoming orientation, on-site coaching, and a new hire graduation that honors the team member and their trainer. There will be growth with leading recurring training, new product and service rollout training, and leadership development. Overall, this team is at the center of all that the stores do to grow and develop talent.

Food Safety & Quality: Our organization leads with our Food Safety & Quality team. We are 100% committed to having a state-of-the-art kitchen facility, and a team that is fully educated in food safety and food quality standards that exceed the industry.The MBA Leader will have the opportunity to participate in the many systems, audits, and education classes we have in place to ensure that our kitchens are the cleanest and safest around. This will be accomplished as the leader is immersed in three months of intensive kitchen and food safety training.

Drive-Thru: We pride ourselves with a Drive-Thru that is quick and accurate, but never rushed. This team embodies creativity and innovation, critical thinking, and evaluations with solutions to performances. MBA leaders will participate in active goal-setting, organized metrics such as: car count, fast service, and order accuracy, while leveraging our commitment to continuous improvement.


  • Chick-fil-A Canton MBA Leaders are guided through each area of the business. Self-drive and flexibility are two characteristics that are required for candidates.


  • Completed four year Bachelor’s Degree

  • Ability to commit to 2 years working with Chick-fil-A Canton

  • Meet the basic requirements to be admitted into the Reinhardt MBA program that can be found here

  • Demonstrated critical thinking skills and independent motivation.

  • Excellent project management, interpersonal and organizational skills, with the ability to drive and implement ideas in a changing environment.

  • Analytical skills, and ability to solve highly strategic and difficult business problems.

  • Preferred: 1-2 years of experience outside of Chick-fil-A.